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This blog was originally posted at: Spring Break is upon us and summer is just around the corner, so many Americans are planning vacations — and many will book cruises. In 2011, an estimated 10.5 million Americans took cruises, according to Cruise Lines International Association. This was over half of […]

Cruisers keep cruising

This blog was originally posted at: The brackets are out, so March Madness has officially begun. Hoops mania is spreading rapidly as basketball fans are traveling to games, filling out their brackets and buying snacks for watching the games on TV. The Men’s NCAA basketball tournament tips off Tuesday night, but […]

Mapping March Madness

This blog was originally posted at: Buried beneath headlines the past few months about the “fiscal cliff” and sequestration was at least one nugget of positive information for the U.S. economy: Foreclosure starts declined in the fourth quarter of 2012. Home mortgage foreclosure rates have been a key indicator in […]

Mapping how housing is on the mend

This blog was originally posted at: The College of Cardinals is gathering, and conclave will be convened soon to elect the 266th bishop of Rome. With 1.2 billion members, the Catholic Church is one of the world’s largest religious groups. In the U.S., there are 74 million Catholics, 23.9% of […]

How popular is Catholicism in the U.S.?