Pam’s Bio

Pam Allison is a digital media product and marketing strategy executive who focuses on helping companies develop and built products, monetize content and expand marketing reach.  Pam is currently a and technology companies.  Her clients including Esri, a GIS software platform and location-aware data company, Disney, USC, and others.  Pam has occupied key roles at DtecNet, Movielink, Disney, and DIRECTV.  She is launched a startup called MeowWoofChirp, which was a social network for pets.

Her diverse experience has been centered on creating strategies and tactics that deliver winning consumer solutions. Pam’s strong acumen in developing business opportunities – especially those that involve disruptive or enabling technologies – has enabled her to help clients develop effective “digital age” strategies for a rapidly changing market ecosystem that fulfill customer needs.  Her ability to work with clients from concept generation to prototype development to pilot testing and then to final product has made her a much sought-after consultant.

At DtecNet, Pam managed the business intelligence division and writes reports based on piracy data to identify marketing and distribution strategies for content.  At DIRECTV, Pam managed the business strategy and development of multiplatform, interactive media service products for Internet and mobile devices that increased customer access to content.  While at Disney’s New Technology Strategy Group, Pam developed digital media strategies and business models for Disney’s content from a company-wide perspective; she developed strategies for new content opportunities, including partnerships, and collaborated with internal business units to help align the company’s objectives.  As Product Manager at Movielink, her strong business skills, product management, and technical background enabled her to develop key product requirements for the company’s online video service.

In May 2009, Pam authored a vital research report Online Video Strategies for TV Content Providers – Reflections and Recommendations for technology research and strategic marketing firm The Diffusion Group; this report provided an overview of the online TV programming space, including a tactical analysis of the major broadcast and cable TV networks, and offered strategic recommendations as to how TV content creators should best approach online video.  She is rapidly becoming a respected authority on which new digital video distribution platforms stand the greatest chance for success, both from a business and a technology standpoint.

Pam Allison holds a BA in Management Engineering from Claremont McKenna College, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University, and an MBA and a MS in Computer Science from UCLA.