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Every year Esri, a geographic information systems company which also does data analysis, and its users congregate at the San Diego Convention Center for its annual user conference.  Its 12,000+ attendees take over the Gaslamp district and surrounding areas.  Since the company collects all this data, we know what type of people live in the neighborhood.  So who are they?  What type of people might we come across?  What are they interested in?

The zip code where the conference is location is 92101.  Here are some key stats about the area:

  • 2011 Population: 39,880
  • 2011 Households: 22,423
  • 2011 Median Age: 37.3
  • 2011 Median HH Income: $28,219

Esri developed the Tapestry Segmentation system that classifies US residential neighborhoods into 65 unique market segments based on socioeconomic and demographic characteristics.   The dominant tapestry segment in the 92101 zip code is Metro Renters.  They make up 72.5% of households in the zip code.  This segment is made up of young, educated singles just beginning their professional career in some of the largest US cities.  Most rent their apartments.  They are also, as a whole very active.

Some of the popular activities of people living in 92101 include the following:

  • 20.6% participated in weight lifting (176)
  • 12.1% participated in yoga (207)
  • 19.6% attended baseball game (133)
  • 14.9% played billiards/pool in last 12 months (155)

Not everyone in the 92101 zip code is the same.  One way to break down the zip code is to look at census block groups, which tell a more granular story about the residents.  This information can be used by retailers, product distributors, or advertisers to micro-target segments.

Median Age

As mentioned above, the median age of the 92101 zip code is 37.3.  This is just higher than the US median age of 37.1.  This is a bit surprisingly given the young Metro Renters segment that lives in the neighborhood, but this also shows that there is a range.

Zip Code 92101: Median Age by Block Group

It’s clear that there are some distinctly “older” and “younger” parts of the zip code like differentiated by cost of housing and type of housing.

Dining Out

The Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego is one of the top destinations for dining out in the area.  It has over 100 restaurant options from fast food to casual to high-end.  Households of the 92101 zip code spend $1,055 annually on dinner out.  While this may sound like a lot, it is actually about 25% less than the US average of $1,386.  In some ways, some might expect that since many of these residents live in apartments with small kitchens that they may eat out – especially with all of the dining options, but many residents are young with lower than average incomes, so that may not be an option.  There are areas of the zip code, though that do spend much more than the US average.

Zip Code 92101: Average Spent Dining Out per Household by Block Group

Exercise at Club

Not everyone loves to exercise, but people in the 92101 zip code seem to – as a whole – at least compared to other Americans.  The index for the likelihood for a resident of that neighborhood to exercise at least twice a week at a gym is 209.  This means that a resident of 92101 is 2.09 times more likely than the average American to go to the gym at least twice a week.  Approxmiately 9.5% of Americans go to a gym at least twice per week.  This, of course, doesn’t count people who exercise at home or do other activities, so it isn’t necessarily a measure of activeness.  The residents in 92101, though, do love the gym – comparatively.

Zip Code 92101: Likelihood of a Resident Going to Gym 2+ Times per Week by Block Group

Most block groups in the 92101 zip code have residents who love the gym.  Overall – it appears to be a love/hate thing in this area.  Block group either have a very high or low index – not a whole lot in between.


The 92101 zip code is home to the San Diego Padres stadium – Petco Park.  One would think that residents who  live so close(some of who can walk) to the ball field would attend baseball games – and they do – at least more than the average American.  The index of the likelihood that a resident of 92101 attends baseball games is 133.  This means they are 1.33 times more likely than the average American to attend a baseball game. About 11.3% of Americans attend a baseball game each year.

Zip Code 92101: Likelihood of a Resident to Attend a Baseball Game by Block Group

Most block groups in the 92101 zip code have an above average likelihood of attending a baseball game – not surprisingly.   There is one small block group with a below average likelihood.  While I would expect all areas to be at least average in this neighborhood, one area that is below average isn’t unlikely.  I’m sure they are mostly Padres fans too.

Overall – what did we learn?  This is clearly a very active and young neighborhood – who apparently doesn’t mind all of the conference goers hanging out with them.

More information about Esri’s data can be found at www.esri.com/data or to learn more about Esri in general, go to www.esri.com.

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