This was originally posted at http://smartblogs.com/leadership/2012/09/03/will-democrats-big-party-charlotte-pay-dividends/ This week, the focus of U.S. politics shifts to North Carolina, as President Barack Obama leads the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. The Democratic National Committee chose Charlotte as its location because North Carolina is a battleground state for the election. It is a key […]

Will Democrats’ big party in Charlotte, N.C., pay dividends?

This blog was originally posted at: http://smartblogs.com/leadership/2012/08/27/will-the-gops-big-party-in-tampa-pay-dividends/ The focus of the U.S. political world shifts to Florida this week as Mitt Romney heads to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, where he is expected to become the Republican Party’s official nominee for president. The Republican Party chose Florida for the convention […]

Will the GOP’s big party in Tampa, Fla., pay dividends?

Now that summer is here, people start to think more and more about ice cream. Though many people eat it year-round, there’s something about eating ice cream on a hot summer’s day.  Certainly there is the nostalgia of eating it as a kid while on summer vacation but it seems […]

Ice Cream – Who Buys It?

Americans love junk food – perhaps too much.  Disney announced yesterday that it is going to limit junk food ads on its kids-targeted stations and only advertise products with minimum nutritional standards.  (link) This is important as nutrition has decreased and obesity has increased.  According to Esri, the average American […]

Junk Food – Who Eats It?